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Atlastminute  is a website where we are constantly searching for best travel deals, including low cost flights to European capitals and worldwide holiday destinations, checking best prices of packages that include accommodation and flight tickets and last minute offers.
Other than that, we also want to share our travelling experiences, try to give you some useful tips and information to avoid you the stress that we been through and make travelling the best pleasant experience possible.
Behind Atlastminute is standing a team of travelers who yearn to exploring European capitals, holiday destinations all from the Adriatic sea to the Mediterranean coasts. In anticipation of new experiences we  are eagerly waiting to go to the next destination, to explore new places, nature, culture, known new people and their customs.
Journeys are not only adventurous but also educational. On this is also based our name ATLAS, that presents a book which containing a collection of tips, photo gallery, travel blogs, news and other offers.
If your travel also represents escape, exploration and education, the chance to create pleasant moments and enjoy every trip, can’t wait for the next trip and you’re eagerly awaiting for it and travel at the best prices, keep following Atlastminute, if you wish to write about your trip and post it here, please drop us an email here [email protected]


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